tactical urban defense starts with CIVTAC

mission to defend the vulnerable

CIVTAC was created to provide leading-edge, realistic, scenario-driven, one-on-one or group instruction in the use of firearms in a safe and responsible manner. Our staff works with each student to assure understanding of the course of instruction and assist our students in proper firearms and caliber selection.

"Train as you Fight". Train as you fight is a mindset we follow here at CIVTAC. Through training you obtain the skills and experience that will enable you to protect yourself and your family instinctively. If you train with bad techniques, you’re fight will have negative results. Let us prepare you for real world situations.

train with certified real world experienced trainers

CIVTAC is part of the Aguieus Operations Group and focuses on delivery realistic, up to date, tactical training to Law Enforcement and Responsible Civilians. CIVTAC retains highly trained and experienced personnel to delivery high quality training using the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures used worldwide.

Our most valuable assets are our personnel, and the trust instilled in us by our students, without either we would be yet another training company offering tired tactics to untrusting students. We thrive on our students success, in an ever changing world we look to our students for inspiration as much as they look to us for guidance.

When the battle nears, darkness stalks coward and hero alike…….When it’s done, darkness haunts the hero for what he has done, and taunts the coward for what he has not………Ben Reed

FL Concealed Weapons (CCW) Course

Successful completion of this course satisfies the State of Florida CWP license requirements for training in accordance with Florida Statue 790.

3-hour certification course covering Florida State Statue 790

  • Where, when, how you can carry a concealed weapon/firearm in the State of Florida
  • Authorized Use of Deadly Force
  • Castle Doctrine
  • Florida requirements for Storage of Firearms from Minors
  • Discharging of firearm

civilian tactical courses

Enter the world of the unknown and learn what it is like to face real world scenarios, and survive. Using realistic weapons the shoot paint marking rounds you will learn what it takes to survive real world situations, such as a home intrusion, restaurant robbery, car jacking, and a mugging.

All Force on Force Certificate Courses are taught using the most up to date Techniques, Tactics, and Equipment. The students will use realistic weapon systems that dispense accurate, reliable marking rounds against live role players. These courses will provide a wealth of knowledge and real life experience that prepares the student to not only survive a dangerous encounter but trains them to win.

Students have the Option of facing an attacker armed with a paint marking round or an attacker armed with a realistic weapon that only dispenses air. This allows for a realistic training environment without the chance of getting hit with marking rounds.